A japenese paiting (80' 2019)
Vladimir Durán

“In chivalry novels there was always a moment when the knights would awake to find either hundreds of years had gone by or they had been transported to another place, a magical place, or they were surrounded by people who weren’t there before, and often their real love lied behind that…” Elvira Silva tells this to Mateo. Elvira Silva, sister of poet José Asunción Silva, died in Bogotá in 1891 at the age of 18, yet she tells this to Mateo in Entre Ríos, at 60. Mateo, 39, moves from Bogotá to Buenos Aires, pursuing a love that fails only a few weeks after his arrival. Mateo enters a sort of emotional paralysis. Out of inertia, he ends up in a relationship with a friend of his ex, Ana. A Japanese Painting tells a journey with Ana to her friend Dana’s country house, where they will meet Dana’s younger brother and his boyfriend. Everything happens during their stay at the country. This film is mainly about relationships and characters interacting, but also pretends to be a chivalry film.

01 / 02

Festivals & Prizes

Film in development. 

BAL - BAFICI / Sound post-production prize.


Technical details

Written and directed by
Vladimir Durán

Sacha Amaral, Renzo Cozza

Executive producers
Joyce Ventura, Maria Victoria Marotta, Jerónimo Quevedo.

Production design
Alix Cobelo

Director of photography 
Roman Kaserroller

Asisstant director
Mariana Sanguinetti

Production manager
Paloma Torras

Sebastián Schajer, Andrés Medina

Augusto Bode Bisio

Agostina Luz Lopez
Maria Alché
Rafael Federman
Vladimir Durán
Renzo Cozza
Debora Nishimoto
Santiago Korovsky 
Iosi Havilio
Roman Martino
Silvia Cobelo 
Sacha Amaral
Mariano Saborido 
Guido Fisz

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