Alva (95' 2019)
Ico Costa

Henrique lives on the top of a mountain near a small worker town, in a stubborn loneliness. One day as any other, we walks down to town and out of the blue commits a crime. A from there, going back home will turn on a labyrinth in which escaping as far as he can is the only option.

01 / 03

Festivals & Prizes

World Premiere in International Film Festival Rotterdam's Bright Future, 2019. Indie Lisboa 2019.


Technical details

Written and directed by 
Ico Costa

João Matos, Jérôme Blesson, Victoria Marotta, Jerónimo Quevedo

Director of Photography 
Hugo Azevedo 

Francisco Moreira, Ana Godoy

Luis Anteiro, Ana Mota, Henrique Bonacho, Pedro Figueiredo


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