So long enthusiasm (79' 2017)
Vladimir Duran

Axel is a ten year-old who lives with his mother, Margarita, and his three twenty-something sisters in a flat in Montserrat, a once aristocratic Buenos Aires neighborhood, now in decadence. Margarita requests to be locked up in her bedroom as part of a homemade treatment by which she hands her daughters the control over the keys in order to preserve herself from her lack of willpower. Axel and his sisters will play the part of jailers of their own mother in this odd self-preservation agreement. This will be the arrangement between them until Margarita attempts to break it. Axel will then have to decide which of the contradictory orders his mother gives to follow.

01 / 06

Festivals & Prizes

World Premiere in Berlín International Film Festival Berlinale 2017 .Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena FICCI 2017 / Best Film in National Competition / Best Director in International Competition. Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente, BAFICI 2017 / Best Film in Avant Garde and Genre Competition. Santiago Film Festival,  SANFIC 2016 / Best Work In Progress. Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata 2016 / Best Work in Progress.


Technical details

Written and directed by
Vladimir Duran

Alexis Duran, Joyce ventura, Vladimir Duran, Victoria Marotta, Jeronimo Quevedo

Director of Photography
Julian Ledesma

Production design
Mariana Casariego

Emilio Martín Iglesias, Nahuel Palenque

Laura Brierbauer, Ana Godoy 

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