The flies (90 2020)
Martín Shanly

In 1898 Guillermo appears dead in one of his estates. The news arrives to his daughters and wife, who are in their summer home in Capilla del Monte, Córdoba. Fearing their father might be buried away from home Josefina and Margarita, the eldest of the sisters, decide to leave to retrieve the body. However, the journey through the sierras of Cordoba turns out to be closer to an esoteric road trip than to a rite of mourning, where they must face a series of extraordinary obstacles for which they are helplessly unprepared.

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Festivals & Prizes

Film in development. 

Lobolab - Mar del Plata International Film Festival.


Technical details

Directed by
Martín Shanly

Victoria Marotta, Jerónimo Quevedo, Franco Bacchiani

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