What will summer bring (85 mins 2021)
Ignacio Ceroi

Charles, a Frenchman from Toulouse, sells his camcorder. Ignacio, an Argentine film director visiting France, buys this camera. Upon opening it, he discovers that Charles’s videos have not been erased and he sees in them a potential worldwide adventure film.
They begin an epistolary relationship in which Charles, perhaps without even realizing it, writes the words of the film behind the footage. This is a film about romantic relationships, neverending travels, distant armed conflicts, loneliness, and the company of our loved ones.

01 / 04

Festivals & Prizes

World Premiere in Berlín International Film Festival Berlinale 2021.


Best Feature Film Award Argentine Competition BAFICI 2021


Technical details

Directed by

Ignacio Ceroi



Ignacio Ceroi y Mariana Lia Martinelli



Jerónimo Quevedo, Maria Victoria Marotta, Franco Bacchiani, Cecilia Pisano, Ignacio Ceroi



Jerónimo Quevedo, Ignacio Ceroi



Hernán Rosselli, Ignacio Ceroi

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