The Current Boyfriend (9' 2015)
Martín Shanly, Jerónimo Quevedo

Lucas arrives to the house of his ex-girlfriend, who is a filmmaker. Her current boyfriend is amongst the people working on her new film. Lucas doesn’t know if he has to kiss him or not.

01 / 02

Festivals & Prizes

Festival Internacional de cine LGBTIQ / Oficial Shortfilm Competition


Technical details

Written and directed by 
Martín Shanly, Jerónimo Quevedo

Martín Shanly, Jerónimo Quevedo, Victoria Marotta 

Director of Photography 
Roman Kasserroler, Joaquín Neira, Victoria Pereda

Martín Shanly

Art or production design
Dolores Zulueta, Victoria Marotta

Nicolás Payueta, Virginia Scaro


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