The human surge

The human surge (79' 2016)

In Buenos Aires, Exe (25) loses his job and doesn't want to look yet for another. His neighbourhood and friends are looking so strange as common to him. On the Internet he discovers Alf, a boy from Africa, who also has a sad job. Later, Alf also follows another guy, Archie, who escapes to the jungle. In the exotic context of the jungle's vegetation, Archie follows the path of some ants to their nest. One of them goes out and on her path she founds Canh, a Philippine guy who's sitting over a big dirt mountain, he then goes down to his strange and beautiful city, and he also has a sad job.

The film is structured in three parts and takes place in Argentina, an African country (still to be defined) and Philippines. In each of these places, one after the other, we follow a native young man. The three of them have something in common: jobs that depress them but that influence their way to look at new elements and point of views. The world appears from a world that they didn't perceive before and doors are opened to a new magical and daily level.

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